Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 9 (March 11th) & Day 10 (March 12th)

I know, I know....I'm slacking a bit on my blog! I'm going to group day 9 &10 together since I can't remember specifics from those days since it is now the next week, LOL. I am not going to go into detail (mainly because I don't remember), but I am going to list off the breeds of dogs I bathed because I think it will be cool to look back on.

Day 9 (March 11th)
I started off bathing a Yorkie, then a Shih Tzu, then a Yorkie again. Um....and that is all I remember from that day, LOL. Sorry!!!

Day 10 (March 12th)
I know I bathed a few "foo-foo" doggies and also a Shih Tzu. We get a ton of small mixed breed (Yorkie/Maltese/Shih Tzu/etc) type dogs in, so it is hard to remember!

My next entry will be more detailed. I am now kicking myself for slacking off on my blog, LOL. I had a few days where I was just emotionally drained and didn't want to do anything.

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