Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 3 (March 3rd)

Today I started off bathing a Schnauzer which decided to poop in the tub - that was gross, bleh! 

When I finished with the "Schnauz" I had a big hairy waiting for me outside in the play yard....a big freakin' Newfoundland!!! I had to have someone help me get him into the tub and apon lifting him...I am pretty sure he weight 200lbs, LOL! When you bathe this type of dog you have to blow him out with the HV dryer to loosen hair, then wet him down (super hard to do due to all of his fur), shampoo him, slicker brush him, blow him out again (to get the shampoo down to his skin), rinse very well, shampoo, slicker, blow with HV, rinse well, use conditioner, slicker, blow with HV, rinse well! The whole bathing process took about 2 hours - the poor Newfie was so tired he had to keep sitting down to rest. It took about another hour to blow his coat almost dry with the HV....then he went into the drying kennel to dry out some more.

After the Newf was done with his bath & blow out I had a massive mess to clean up in the bathing room - hair on all the tubs, hair all over the floor, hair on all of the shampoo bottles, plastered all over my tub walls, etc. I probably spent 10 minutes cleaning up all of the hair in the little bathing room. I had about 2 inches of Newfie hair piles onto my head and probably plastered all over my was in my eyes and stuck to my eye lashes like no tomorrow.
I took a break (after the Newfie I was ready to pass out) and then bathed a Giant Schnauzer - he sure was cute and very well behaved! I can't believe how big and stocky-solid they are...they really don't look like they weigh a ton once they are shaved down, but trying lifting one's back end up into a tub! I needed someone to help me again, LOL!

There was then a little tiny Schnauzer (lots of Schnauzes today!) who needed a bath & blow out - he was so sweet and just wanted to rest his wet body against my apron, LOL.

At the end of (my) day I had to brush out the Newfie, who was still a little bit wet in some spots so I had to use the stand dryer. He was sooooo pooped that he just wanted to lay down and didn't care that the noose was choking him...poor big guy! I still couldn't believe the amount of hair coming out of him. Whoever wants a very prepared for such a high maintence dog!!

Okay, well that was about it. I'm off to school again here in about an hour. Is it Friday yet? because I am exhausted and really want to sleep in, LOL. I have to get up at 6am, shower & get ready, then bring Ryan to work (we only have 1 car), then come back home and feed/water animals, make breakfast...which means I am up and waiting around for another hour and a half before school. If we had 2 cars, then I could sleep in 2 hours later then I do now!! Gosh I just wish we had a 2nd car, but we can't afford it until I get a grooming job and we see what kind of money it brings in.

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