Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 4 (March 4th)

I started off my day by giving a chubby little Yorkie a bath and blowout. She was so adorable and just the sweetest little thing. Next I moved onto fetching a fat Shih Tzu from outside in the play yard - he needed a bath as well and just grunted the whole time, LOL!

I had to wash an older Dalamation (with brown spots) and he was DIRTY. gross to the touch and his back was completely brown when it was supposed to be white. I had to use some whitening shampoo and some Dawn dish liquid (cuts the grease) just to get him white again. I can tell he felt so much better once I was done bathing him!

We had 3 humane society dogs come in for baths today. The shop that I am training at gives back to the community by bathing (and styling if they need it) the local rescued pets. The 3 dogs that came in today were a Heeler mix, Shephard mix, and a purebred German Shephard - all females. 

The Heeler mix, named "Ruby", was really scared at first, but she warmed up to me and let me do my thing with in no time - she was even giving me kisses towards the end of her bath.

I went outside in the play yard and fetched the GSD, named "Dash", next. She was older and had a few lumps on her, but over all she was in good condition. She did NOT want her nails done - we had to muzzle her and "head lock" her just to get her nails cut. Once I got her into the tub she really did not want the water running on her, so she was freaking out the whole time, but I kept giving her breaks to calm down. She really needed a bath because she was shedding terribly and was greasy. So after washing twice and conditioning once, I blew out her coat with the HV dryer - she really didn't like the dryer either. After her bath was done she slipped me a few kisses, so that made it all better!

"Jackie" the GSD mix was up next and she was a total sweetie - she let me cut her nails and bathe her, so that process went by really quickly. I had to leave (it was 4pm by then), so I left her in the tub for my instructor to go and blow out her coat.

It was a sad story for those 3 HS dogs...apparently their owners were involved in a recent murder suicide - someone broke into their house and killed them, then burned the house down. I wonder if Dash, the GSD, was afraid of water because maybe she was inside the house as the fire fighters were hosing it down and trying to get in? It just broke my heart that those dogs lost their family and ended up at the Humane Society to be split apart and adopted to seperate homes - I could tell they were all very bonded to one another. So please remember....ALWAYS have a plan as to what will happen to your pets when you die because it isn't fair for them to be taken away from home not knowing what happened to you and then be placed in a crowded shelter. 

I at least feel good that I was able to make them happy for a little while, but I was so sad knowing they would be returning to the shelter later in the day. On a good note, though, the GSD might get adopted by one of the ladies at the grooming salon....her husband has been looking for a GSD, so I really hope they get her because she needs a special family! I would have taken Jackie home if I could, but I can't take them all home :(.

ETA: I think this is the new story from the murder suicide:

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