Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 2 (March 2nd)

Today I got to cut nails and dremel them on a Std. Poodle. He fought with me a lot, but I'm guessing he knew I was nervous! I then got to wash him and blow him out - after that I slickered his afro (hehe) and his ears under the stand dryer. I also cut nails/dremeled 2 other dogs today.

I also got to help brush out and bathe 2 kitties from the Humane Society today! I just love kitties and these two were adorable. One cat was a screamer in the tub and then the other one was such a little doll...she was insanely fluffy and had a manx tail...the ladies were calling him a "bunny cat", LOL!

My last dog was a huge "Goldendoodle" - which was I didn't like the texture of his hair at all. The dog was a total sweetie, though, which was a good thing! I brushed him out, then washed and dried him. My goodness drying that dog was ridiculous! His hair was long & wirey-like and just took forever to get dry.

Out of all of the dogs I have seen so far my absolute favorite has got to be the purebred Dachshunds. I am trying to make myself want a Poodle so that I can practice on him/her and also use for seminars/competitions (if I ever get that far!).....but I can't get past the adorable looks & personalities of the Doxies! Maybe I'm a sucker for them because my dog is part Doxie...but I don't know, I just love them!!


  1. I am so happy for you! I will be reading this waiting for every update!

  2. I added your blog to my favorties list. I look forward to hearing about you adventures in grooming school.

  3. I love doxies too, dapples to be precise. Glad it is going to well for you!