Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1

I certainly think I deserved the delicious Black Butte Porter (beer) that I drank during dinner and then the amazing dinner of cheese hot pocket, popper's flavored doritos, and a twix bar...LOL!!! My goodness was I starving!!

PHEW! Man am I POOPED. My back hurts, my feet hurt, my ears hurt (loud noises), etc.

All in all it was a good day. I got to bathe a few dogs, blow them out with the HV (high velocity) dryer, and then brush out one of the dogs on my own grooming table. Yep - I've got my own table and area for all of my stuff! Yeeeee!!

I really like both of the ladies that are teaching me, as they both have different personalities and ways to do things - so I am hoping that by having both of them teach me, I will hear things twice and each time I will hear different ways of doing things. I'm sort of the person who needs things explained twice so that my brain catches on, lol.

Both "K" and "V" (instructors) are at the shop teaching me on Mondays, but Tuesdays & Thursdays only V and some other lady is there, then on Wednesdays & Fridays it's K and some other lady (or the same lady as Tues & Thurs?...I don't know).

I'm a bit nervous meeting the other 2 ladies (or 1 lady....I can't remember if there is 3 or 4 of them there).....but hopefully they are cool and helpful as well.

Tomorrow I get to watch (and maybe help) groom 2 kitties that are coming in from the Humane Society! I'm really excited to learn how to groom cats as I hope that I can mainly be a cat groomer in the future. I love dogs, but I really love kitties. I just don't know if there is the same money in grooming cats and if I need to be in a certain area - like around a larger city perhaps?

I'm also a bit uncomfortable with big dogs right now. I helped with a Labradoodle (the "Lab" part was questionable...the dog was massive) today and he was insanely large and hard to turn around in the tub. I guess I feel more in control over a small dog then a big one. I have never ever owned a large dog....just my little Min Pin/Doxie that I have right now and then 2 Beagles and a few other small dogs growing up.

I just can't wait until I pick up speed and can move onto using my tools. Right now I have to master bathing, drying, and controlling dogs. I'm slow at it right now, but with time I will get faster. I used to be a bather/brusher at PetSmart, so I remember how to do things...I just need to learn this shop's way of doing it and gain some confidence back - mostly being positive that the dog is really clean and well rinsed!

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