Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 5

As the days go by I am really having a hard time remembering what I did all day each day - the days are just blending together, LOL!

Let me think....

This morning I was waiting for one of my instructors to come into the shop so I could find out what she wanted me to start while I waited I got down on the floor and played with an adorable Bulldog named "Gracie" - she comes in a few times a week for "day care". Let me tell you....that little Bulldog was just the sweetest girl EVER! I want to steal her she is so darn cute - she snorts and lets her tongue peek out of her under bite, LOL!

When the instructor came into the shop she had me bathe (and blow out...but that always has to be done, so I think I will stop repeating it, LOL) a little Pug. What a freaking cute Pug she was!!! Snorting, huffing, gurgling, and goodness who the heck doesn't love a snorting Pug?!?!?!? She was a delight the whole time, even while blowing her out.

After the Puggie I had to cut nails & bathe a massively overweight Maltese - they are supposed to be small dogs but this one was probably 12lbs and had a "pig butt".

Then bathe a Schnauzer.....ahhh...another "lovely" Schnauz! Don't get me wrong, they are cute, but they are little buttheads! If you haven't heard one bark, then please try to avoid it...its loud and skreachy, LOL! Out of all of the dogs I have seen in the shop, it seems like there are a ton of Schauzer's coming in! Anyway...the Schnauz didn't like his nails getting cut...he put up a fight with me. It was good in the bath tub and while blowing out & fluff drying.

I then got to clip & file nails on a little Maltese/Yorkie mix named "Scruffy". She was pretty cute and was very good with the blow out and fluff drying.

After that my last dog of the day was a Labradoodle who was brown/silver in color. The dog was so adorable....I love animals in "chocolate". The owners like the dog curly (not blown out - cage dried), so when she came in today she was really gross - pretty dirty and her coat was snarled up. I had to brush her out a lot with the slicker, which took quite a lot of time. After getting her brushed out, she went into the bath and got washed once, then had to sit in a remoisturizing (remo) conditioner for 10 minutes until her coat was soft and not so harsh. I had to leave, so I didn't get to see how her coat was when cleaned and "freshly" curly.

I think this week was very long and very exhausting. Needless to say I am so excited that its the weekend and I have 2 days to sit around and do nothing. I am thinking about staying inside in my jammies all weekend, LOL!

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