Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 11 (March 15th)

This morning my first dog was a Mini Schnauzer (do they ever end!?!?!?), named Meghan. She needed a special vet prescribed oatmeal-type shampoo, so her bath was just one good scrub in that and no conditioner. I also got to clean out in between her [foot] pads with my clippers before her bath!

After that I cleaned out pads and cut nails on a Lahasa Apso mix. I also got to trim up his "sanitary areas" (with my clippers)...which is clearing a path around his "little peetey" and the area around his rear. Then gave him his bath, blow out, fluff dry. He was freaking the heck out when I was trying to dry his head/face with the HV dryer....he kept trying to "dive bomb" off the table.
The next dog was a silver Mini Poodle who was waiting outside in the play yard for me. I was supposed to get him up onto the table to brush him out, clean out his pads, and cut nails....but he had "pooped himself", so he needed to go straight into the tub. After his bath & blow out...I fluff dried him, cleaned out his pads with my clippers, and cut his nails.

Let's see.....Oh! I cleaned out pads, cut nails, and helped do a sanitary trim on a Australian Shepherd (which was hard because they have a lot of hair blocking the view). Aussies have sooooo much hair and it is rediculious trying to bathe them and blow them out.

I ate my usual protien bar for lunch, then had 3 adorable Mini Dachshunds waiting for me!!! One was a silver dapple, another was an older red one, and lastly there was a cute black/tan. I really loved the silver dapple and hope to have one one day. I don't know if I want a Mini or not, though! Sammy (our Min Pin/Doxie mix) would look so cute with a silver dapple Doxie as his sister, hehehe.

Anyway....the Doxies were such a charm to work with! They have a very smooth coat, so it takes no effort at all to bathe them (and they barely get HV dried...took me maybe 30 seconds). They are so fun and loving.

I keep picking out breeds of dogs that I might like for in the future (Ryan says we have to own a house first)...but I keep falling back on Doxies! I know I definitely want one (and does Ryan), but I am also thinking it would be fun to have a Standard or Mini Poodle to practice grooming on and then I'd have it incase I ever wanted to compete in grooming compititions. BUT....I meet a nice Poodle, then the next one is "ehhh...I could do with out one!". I guess time will tell!! I think once I am working and we have a good car, then I want to look into fostering for the Arizona Doxie rescue - but thats a big "maybe"!

Oh....I also get to bring Sammy into school with me, if I want to. I'm nervous because I'm unsure of how he will get along with all of the dogs there (usually anywhere from 2 to 6+ little dogs running around). Sam's a bit spoiled and I'd hate for him to be a jerk and embarass me, LOL!!

On another note, I had to order my new pair of clippers tonight and I also bought clipper oil, a small slicker brush (got a big one for free that I love, so needed the small one!), small nail clippers (mine were too big for little nails and "curled under" nails), and along with my order I got a free double sided slicker brush (looks like it might be a crap one, though).

Here is my new clippers:

I had to order a new pair because the free ones that I got from a lady off of the grooming forum, are too big for my hands because they are a square shape instead of rounded....and they are a bit slow and probably need a tune up. Once I start working then I will send them in for repair, so I can keep them as a back up pair.

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