Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 12 (March 16th) & Day 13 (March 17th)

DAY 12 (March 16th)

Today was a slow day for me. I mainly brushed out a Persian cat, clipped her nails, gave her a bath, HV dried her, then fluff dried her. I really like grooming kitties, but its a bit tough on my emotions because cats give you the "I don't NEED a bath! Why are you doing this to me?! When I'm are going to pay for it!!!" look. Anyway....the Persian was super sweet and pretty much just "played dead" in the tub, which I was thankful for LOL, but it was tough trying to wash the belly/under arms when you've got a heavy wet cat plastering itself to the tub floor!

I can't believe how Persians just let you groom them...they act better then some dogs! I really love the Persian personality and wish I would have gotten one, but I would have been mad at myself for paying $300+ for a "breeder's cull" when there are cats dying in shelters with adoption fees set at $100. I would have been able to have saved 3+ cats for the price of a purebred Persian.

My next pet of the day was a Bichon/Poodle mix. I clipped "Snowball's" pads, nails, gave her a bath, HV dried her, fluff dried her, then I got to use a snap-on with my clippers and shave her down! I found that to be pretty fun and fairly easy once I got use to it. You have to brush up with your comb, then glide the clippers over the area, then repeat until it is all even. Snap-on combs is just a comb that snaps on over your blade and it will leave the hair a certain length depending on what snap-on comb you are using.

DAY 13 (March 17th)

Today I started off my day cutting out the hair between the pads, clipping nails, bathing, blowing out, and fluff drying a Springer Spaniel. Then a fat Westie, and a "Cockapoo". I got to "rough out" a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix, too...which means shave off the coat before the bath. The reason why we do that is so that you aren't washing & HV drying hair that is going to be shaved off anyway.

I'm really excited to use my new clippers! I got them in the mail today along with my mini nail clippers, mini hard pin slicker brush, and clipper oil. I hope my new rounded clippers work out better for me then the old square ones that I got for free.

OH! I brought Sammy into school with me. He did really well, which I am very surprised - I thought he'd be mean to other dogs and potty all over the salon...but he didn't! I'm going to bring him again tomorrow (er, which is really today because I'm writing this entry on the 18th, LOL). Oh yeah...and I gave him a bath and HV dried him, then took the furminator to his coat - thankfull he's not really shedding!

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