Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 7 (March 9th) & Day 8 (March 10th)

I decided I'd just include day 7 in with day 8 because all I did all day on day 7 was brush out, bathe/blow out, and fluff dry the shop dog - Pearl, the Standard Poodle. It was a slow day, so I just worked on her all day, the got off a half hour early. Pearl probably hated me all day because, well, I spent all day working on her, LOL!!!

DAY 8 (March 10th).....

Today I brushed Pearl out for a few minutes while I waited for my instructor to finish up clipping a dog before I took her back to be washed. The doggie was a "foo foo" breed, her name was Lola, and was really sweet through getting bathed, blown out, and fluff dried. I then watched my instructor finish up her grooming. After that I bathed/blew out, and fluff dried Lola's "sister" (can't remember her name) and also watched my instructor finish her up. 

Next in line for a bath was an adorable snorting Bulldog. I just LOVE Bulldogs - I think they are sweet, funny, and very loving. If I could, then I think I'd have one some day....but I wouldn't want to shell out the money for one, I'd have to wait until one was up for adoption or something as they can be pretty pricey!

After the Bully I clipped nails on a little tiny longhaired Chihuahua with a pot belly, LOL. His name was "Sam" and was really a good boy through the bathing & drying process. I then fluff dried him and watched my instructor finish his groom.

Lastly I cut nails, bathed, blew out, and fluff dried an adorable white Mini Poodle named "Sassy". I haven't really had a "thing" for white dogs before (and Poodles, none the less), but Pearl and Sassy have certainly changed my views that even a "boring fluffly white dog"really aren't boring, but yet full of personality and are now a breed of dog that I hope to have in the future (Ryan says when we buy a house, though).

So, the past 2 days have been pretty slow, but it has been snowing/raining outside. I really enjoying working with my one instructor was a nice break from all of the bathing because I got to stand around a lot and just watched her "finish" dogs with shears & clippers while she explained everything that she was doing. She made it look so easy, but she does have 20 years experience, LOL!

Next week I get to start doing sanitary trims with my clippers and also clean up the hair around the pads on the feet with my clippers. I did all of that while working at PetSmart, but I have noticed the stuff I was taught at PetSmart are pretty far off from what I have been taught at a professional grooming shop vs. corporate!

I'm to bed soon - thats if I can get my little 6 month old kitty, Quilbee (or just Quil, LOL), off to bed.....he's currently passed out on the desk in my arms while I try to type, hehehe.

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